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Quick links to the free beading pattern posts on Beading for Business:

Flower Earrings Brick Stitch Beading Pattern

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5 thoughts on “Free Beading Patterns

  1. As a full time crafter, I can relate! I, too, have heard the comments: – that’s expensive! or “can you do better on the price?” I’ve attempted a number of times to explain why my products are “expensive” – ” they’re all handcrafted by me in the USA, because I make them individually, it takes a bit longer, the prices for raw materials continue to soar, etc.” Overall, the general public doesn’t really care – all they know is they can go find similar for less money – they don’t care that it’s made overseas & made possibly of inferior ingredients or with child labor.

    Customers I encounter who appreciate handcrafted products will look at one of my items, point to it & say: “I WANT that!!” – One woman did this at a craft fair 2 years ago – I said, it’s $26 – she said: “I WANT that!!” And she returned the next year to buy additonal products from me – (like most crafters, I have to make new products each season so returning customers will continue to return & look for new things.)

    Could you imagine going into a store such as Pier One & finding something that you love, but the price is really expensive – you walk up to the salesclerk & ask: “can you do better on the price?” – what do you think the response it going to be?? The general public has become accustomed to getting the “cheap” products due to the influx of made overseas items. When I shop, I will look @ the country of origin – and if made in China, it goes back on the shelf. But the manufacturers/big companies are reaping the rewards of cheap overseas labor while the USA crafters are suffering the consequences.

    I stay strong on my prices!

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