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Launch your Handmade Business to Sales

Starting from Zero: How to Get Sales on Opening Day {Part 3}

Welcome to Part 3 of the Starting from Zero blog series, where I’m explaining exactly how to get sales from… Continue reading »

Get a Handle on Your Infeasible Goals

Get a Handle on Your Unfeasible Goals

Continuing with this month’s trend of goal-setting and scheduling in celebration of the Rock 2016 Planner launch, I’m going to… Continue reading »

Let’s get touchy-feely.

Let’s get touchy-feely. Okay, maybe just touchy. (And not in the way you’re thinking.) I’m referring specifically to getting touchy… Continue reading »

The Halfway Mark – Planning Your Next 6 Months

You’ve made it. You’re halfway through the 2015 year. How do you feel about it? Never-mind, don’t answer that. Unless… Continue reading »

The Simplest Way to Earn Trust

You’ll find plenty of tips for how to earn trust with your audience in the blogoshpere of the “how-run-a-business” realm…. Continue reading »

10 Ways to Procrastinate

Feel like procrastinating instead of doing that thing you know you should probably be working on for your business? Here… Continue reading »

How to Get Raving Fans for Your Business

In my last post, I talked about 2 different restaurant experiences I had during a promotional week in my my… Continue reading »

Even Your Discount Buyers Deserve a Reason to Come Back

Once a year several restaurants in my city participate in what is known as “Restaurant Week.” Essentially, restaurants form all… Continue reading »

Why I Haven’t Purchased New Kitchen Laminate, Or: How to Get Customers to Buy Now

The hubby and I moved into our house almost 5 years ago now, and we still haven’t gotten the new… Continue reading »

Was your first time embarrassing too?

Was your first time embarrassing? I know mine was. And noooo, I’m not talking about that. (Though, admittedly, I am… Continue reading »