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Let’s get touchy-feely.

Let’s get touchy-feely. Okay, maybe just touchy. (And not in the way you’re thinking.) I’m referring specifically to getting touchy… Continue reading »

The Halfway Mark – Planning Your Next 6 Months

You’ve made it. You’re halfway through the 2015 year. How do you feel about it? Never-mind, don’t answer that. Unless… Continue reading »

10 Ways to Procrastinate

Feel like procrastinating instead of doing that thing you know you should probably be working on for your business? Here… Continue reading »

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Inspiration

Even the most brilliant among us runs out of ideas or stops “feeling” like creating once in awhile. However, when… Continue reading »

The Art of Selling Art – Part 2

Hey there friend! Welcome to Part 2 of my mini-blogging series entitled The Art of Selling Art, in which I… Continue reading »

When Your People Don’t Support Your Business

Your people: they include your friends, your family, your acquaintances, your mutual friends, your connections, and so on. You heart… Continue reading »

Should you open another Etsy shop? What to consider first.

Because I frequently make mention of the fact that I juggle 4 Etsy shops in addition to my website and… Continue reading »

What I wish I would have started earlier

An e-mail list: it’s the one thing I wish I would have started 3 years earlier. But alas, life is… Continue reading »

Result Time: Taking a Vacation While Running a Business

Well, I made it back. After 16 days spent in Europe I’ve returned to my home country, and my home-based… Continue reading »

Letting Your Business Happen Without You

So I’m in Europe right now. If my itinerary all goes according to plan, I should be headed to the… Continue reading »