The Power of Keeping Track


You can claim a very real boost of power when you start keeping track of your accomplishments.

Yes, writing out to-do lists and scheduling what you plan to do and when will help point you in the right direction, and can be motivating in it’s own right. However, keeping track of what you have accomplished already, now that’s powerful stuff.

Ever heard of gamification? In the great scheme of things, it’s a fairly new marketing buzz word. Basically, it’s when a company or business takes the motivating principles of playing video or computer games, and applies them to when their customers make purchases or interact with their brand.

One of the most common uses of gamification is the use of rewards points. You can earn frequent flyer miles for staying loyal to a single airline, for example, or rack up bonus points for free cosmetic samples or exclusive access tickets, and so on. The chance to earn more points motivates buyers to purchase more, thereby leverage themselves with a higher score.

In the same sense, gamification can be used to motivate yourself as you work towards your own business and/or life goals. It’s all about keeping track of your “score” and feeling excited as you inch closer and closer to the finish line.

For example, let’s say you have the goal of making an extra $1,000. While you can (and should) schedule out all of the actions you plan on taking to accomplish this goal on your calendar, it can also be very motivating for you to keep up with those actions if you track your progress alongside checking off those to-dos.

Starting with your $1,000 goal, subtract from the original amount every time you earn or find money for it.

For example, when you get an Etsy sale for $22.50, subtract that and write down your new goal: $977.50 (which is $1,000 – $22.50.)

As each new bit of money comes in, continue to subtract that amount from you goal, until you reach $0. As you inch closer and closer to the end, no matter how tiny each bit of money is, you’ll feel yourself growing more and more motivated.

I’ve discovered the power of keeping track of my finances when I found It’s an easy to use (and free!) website that encourages you to save more money and bring down your debt. Just seeing my totals everyday, and watching them slowly but surely shift in the direction i want them too have been far more motivating for me than writing lists or making budgets, or vainly telling myself to NOT rack up the credit card debt, because I don’t need those new shoes THAT BADLY.

So I figured, if it works for saving money, than keeping track could also very well work with the other goals you have up your sleeve. For example, if you want to list 100 items in your Etsy store, go ahead and subtract each new item from your goal every time you get it up. Or if you want to start blogging regularly, set the goal of 1 blog a week (52 for a full year) and keep track until you’ve reached the goal of regularly blogging for an entire year (subtracting down from 52 until you get to 0.)

Some other goals you can think about keeping track of in terms of what you have accomplish versus what you have planned: working out, eating healthy, updating your product descriptions, earning x amount from sales, organizing your home, retaking your pictures, and so on.

Assignment Time: Pick one area within your life or business that you tend to slack on due to poor motivation. Now, starting from a realistic end goal point, begin tracking this area today – and let’s see how much more pumped you get about it as you watch your progress in real time!

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  1. Diana February 4, 2014 at 6:10 pm Reply

    Thank you! I love your posts!

  2. Tes February 4, 2014 at 9:05 pm Reply

    Great stuff! You never fail to motivate me! 🙂

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