Guest Post: The Social Media Breakdown


There are 2 important concepts you should understand before jumping full-on into the realm of social media marketing. These concepts apply to ALL of your marketing, not just social media, and are relevant regardless of the platforms you choose to operate on.

Concept #1: Know your market

Who are your target customers? What do they like? Where do they hang out online? It would be a pointless waste of time, for example, to pine away on Snapchat if the demographic of people you are hoping to reach aren’t even there. So make sure you are doing your Ideal Customer work first and foremost.

Concept #2: It’s all about delivering value

There are 3 main reasons people spend time on the internet. The first is to learn–to be informed. The second is to be entertained, and the third is to connect with other people. At least 70% of your marketing should be about delivering one (or more) of these things to your potential customers. Nothing but a stream of links to your products will get you ignored, and you’ll probably start to feel like all of your efforts aren’t worth it. On the flip side, if you NEVER mention that you have a business or products to sell, you may also wonder why you’re efforts aren’t paying off. Sure, your list of followers will continue to increase, but you need to make an offer to your audience once in awhile if you actually want to generate any sales from them.

Getting started:

After you’ve figured out which social media platforms your target customers are on, start with one or two to set up profiles on, and brainstorm how you can use this platform or platforms to deliver the value your customers are looking for.


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  1. Diana de Zapet March 13, 2014 at 5:36 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing Megan, i really like your post, i like this because i Am deciden with will be my target custumer on web because i actually sell more popular things in person but i love to make uní que pieces and the people that buy this kind of jewelry is diferent so i will figure it out and that post will help me. Xoxo

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