Guest Post: How to Get Post Craft Show Sales

Having a successful craft show experience means more than simply making a lot of money over the weekend (though that’s great too!) Another factor to strive for besides immediate sales is directing your visitors and buyers to buy again from you later, either in person, or from your website or marketplace site. There are several things you can do to make this more likely to happen.

Maximize your business cards.

Leave a stack of cards at the front edge of your craft show booth so shy passerby’s can easily grab one without having to ask. Also, be sure to hand them out personally to any interested browsers or purchasers in case they missed the stack you left out.

Your businesses card is a powerful advertising tool. Make sure it is unusual enough to catch someone’s eye, and clearly indicates who you are and what you sell. (Don’t just include a pretty stock design, but rather, an actual image of your products and multiple ways to contact you.)

A coupon code good for your website only on the back of your business cards will help direct people to check out what you have online at a later date.

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