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How to prioritize in your handmade business

When you only have so much time…

Like the rest of us, you only have so much time. It’s tough, but you gotta prioritize. Those of us… Continue reading »

How to sell your products when you don't feel comfortable with loud marketing

This is for the Quiet Ones

This article is for the quiet ones. The world of commerce is finally lending itself to us, the quiet ones…. Continue reading »

10 Ways to Clear Out Old Inventory and Boost Your Business

After awhile, old inventory starts to stink up the place. Whether in your Etsy shop or on your web site,… Continue reading »

How to Manage Your Limitations as a Maker

When you are the maker of the products you sell in your handmade business, you have one major limitation: you… Continue reading »

Give Your Business A Boost By Tracking These 5 Things

My goodness the days certainly run together when one is taking care of a newborn! I knew that my time… Continue reading »

Prepare Your Handmade Business for the Holidays

Is your handmade business ready for the holidays? Because, believe it or not. They’re here. Really, they’ve been here, and… Continue reading »

Get a Handle on Your Infeasible Goals

Get a Handle on Your Unfeasible Goals

Continuing with this month’s trend of goal-setting and scheduling in celebration of the Rock 2016 Planner launch, I’m going to… Continue reading »

Get your Important (but not urgent) Stuff Done

2 Ways to Get Your Important (but not urgent) Stuff Done

We all have a list of projects that we’ve unwittingly placed on the back burner, even though we know some… Continue reading »

Weekly Planner Download

Ready to ROCK Your Business + Life? {Announcing the New Weekly Planner}

I couldn’t wait for the end of the year. I want my business to have a kick-ass holiday season over… Continue reading »

Product Flop or Marketing Fail? Deciding Beyond Your Negative Self-Talk

Running a handmade business can feel like a very personal and even scary thing. When you’re trying to make money… Continue reading »