Free Tutorial: Beaded Eye Pendant

This bead embezzled beaded eye pendant is sure to catch plenty of “eyes”!

Learn to make your own by following the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1:

Glue your glass eye cabochon to a felt material backing.

(The glass eye used in this tutorial is this 16mm mysterious mermaid glass eye.)

Beaded Eye pendant Tutorial Step 1

Step 2:

Thread your beading needing and bring your needle up through the felt material from the back end, keeping it next to the glass eye cabochon.

beaded Eye Pendant Tutorial Step 2

Step 3:

Add 2 black 11/0 seed beads and thread your needle back through the felt backing.

Step 4:

Tie the tail end of the thread with the main portion of the thread into a secure knot.

Eye pendant tutorial step 4

Step 5:

Bring your needle back up through the felt backing, at the center of the 2 beads you added in Step 3.

Eye pendant tutorial

Step 6:

Bring your needle through the second bead you added in Step 3.

Step 7:

Add 4 black seed beads like you did in Step 3, sewing through the backing and coming back up in the middle of the beads you adding, and threading through the remaining 2 beads.

Step 8:

Repeat Step 7 all of the way around the glass eye cabochon.

Step 9:

Add 1 black seed bead and slipping the bead after the bead your needle and thread has come out of, thread through the next black bead.

Glass Eye Pendant Step 9

Step 10:

Repeat Step 9 all the way around your pendant.

Step 11:

In-between the black beads added in the previous step, add an alternative black bead and blue Delica 11/0 bead using the same peyote method. Do this all of the way around your glass eye.

Step 12:

As you added the ring of black beads in Step 7, add a circle of blue Delica beads around the bezel framing your glass eye cabochon.

Beaded Eye Pendant Tutorial Step 12

Step 14:

Cut out the felt material, leaving a small edge of visible felt around the ring of Delica beads added in the previous step.

Beaded Eye Pendant Tutorial

Step 15:

Repeat Step 7, this time adding a ring of black beads around the ring of blue Delica beads you added in Step 13.

free beading tutotial

Step 16:

Thread through the last bead when you finish adding your ring of black beads in Step 15.

Step 17:

Add 1 black seed bead, 1 blue Delica bead, and 1 black seed bead. Skipping the next black bead, thread through the following 2 black seed beads.

Step 18:

Repeat Step 17 all of the way around your pendant.

Finish up:

Tie your left-over thread at the back of the felt material. Glue your felt material to a protective backing (such as a thinner cloth material) to protect your stitching. Add a jump ring to one of the lace scallops you added in Step 18 and your pendant is ready to be strung onto a chain of your choice!


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