How to Quickly Build Your List with Giveaways

quickly build your list with giveaways

Want to quickly boost your e-mail list sign ups with targeted followers? A giveaway can be a fast-acting way to do just that.

But hang on, before you go clamoring to social media to give away all of your inventory, I’ve got a few hints to give your giveaway a better chance at reaping the rewards it’s aiming towards.

Tips for running a giveaway to increase your e-mail list:

Tip #1: Keep the goal of your giveaway in mind from the beginning.

When you are looking for more e-mail sign ups, you don’t want just ANYONE to sign up to your e-mail list. Sure, bigger number might give you an ego boost, but having a lot of people on your list who aren’t really interested in your products can actually end up hurting your business in the long run.

Tip#2: give away one of your products, or an exclusive product similar to your other products.

Alluding to Tip #1, you don’t want to give away an iPod or a Starbucks gift card. Of course you’ll get more signups, but mostly from people who won’t stick around after the giveaway is over. By offering one of your signature products, or an exclusive product just for the giveaway that is still representative of your brand, you’re more likely to bring in people that will become customers later on.

Tip#3: Follow the rules.

You’ve probably seen those random Facebook posts that say things like “like and share this to win”! In case you don’t already know: running a giveaway like this is against Facebook’s policies. Instead use an app like Rafflecoper or KingSumo to run your giveaways on Facebook and/or your blog and you’ll be well within the boundaries of the platform. You wouldn’t want to get your page shut down by accidentally doing something you thought was okay because you saw someone else doing it.

Tip #4: Let your current list in on the giveaway.

Even though they won’t technically be giving you more signups (since they’re already on your list) you want to keep your current list nurtured and excited about the potential to win a freebie. Plus, the hint that there will always be more giveaways in the future will keep people subscribed long after your current giveaway is finalized.

Tip #5: Be wary of group giveaways.

Group giveaways can be a huge potential opportunity, if done right. The problem is a lot of them aren’t. If you are joining a group giveaway with brands that don’t serve the same target market as you, you are going to be getting a lot of sign-ups that are almost guaranteed to unsubscribe or spam mark your list as soon as the giveaway is over.

Even if the other brands in the giveaway all seem like a good fit, if there are too many included then new sign-ups may feel bombarded with e-mails suddenly flooding their inbox. After the giveaway ends they might need to “thin” the amount of lists they are subscribed to just because it’s all too much.

If you are going to do a group giveaway, I recommend the following: keep it small, you and no more than 2 other brands, and make sure you do your due diligence by checking out their audience to see if it matches your own.

Tip #6: Promote your giveaway everywhere.

Yes, you are giving away something for free, and you’d think that alone would be awesome enough to bring everyone crashing into your website to sign up for your list, right? Not necessarily.

People need to know about the giveaway, know how long they have to sign up for a chance to win, and know what their odds are, or at least be given some kind of general idea.

You can promote in social media groups like World Wide Giveaways, on twitter and Instagram with relevant hashtags, and in advertisements if you want an even bigger reach. Depending on how awesome your prize is, a lot of people will just need to know that your giveaway exists to get them jumping over to sign up.

Tip #7: Don’t give up after a disappointing giveaway..

Running a giveaway isn’t an exact science. It’s a trial and error process. After you’re first giveaway you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll know what kind of prize is more appealing, where and how to promote, and how long to run your giveaway to maintain interest. in the meantime, running a giveaway every few months, particularly during the slow times of year, can be a fun way to engage your audience and boost your list size.

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