Step-By-Step Flash Sale Formula

Running a handmade business can be a challenge for a lot of reasons.

One main one is that orders can be unpredictable, and cash flow uncertain.

But what if there was a easy way to to get your audience to buy without hesitating, right when you want them to?

Well my friends, there most certainly is. It’s called a flash sale.

When you plan and host a flash sale promotion, you get to pick exactly when the orders will be coming in, and push all of those procrastinators on your list to finally buy now.


After hosting my own successful 2-day flash sale, I created a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow to make sure yours is just as (or even more) successful.

Watch the step-by-step training below to get every detail, from start to finish. Nothing is left out.

Excited to host your own flash sale now?

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