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Make the daily grind serve your long-term goals

It’s the end of the year. Everybody’s talking about their goals, resolutions and plans for next year. But we all… Continue reading »

Let’s Rock Your Business – New 2017 Weekly Business Planner

“How on earth do you have time for everything?” I get asked this a lot. As someone with multiple handmade… Continue reading »

Get a Handle on Your Infeasible Goals

Get a Handle on Your Unfeasible Goals

Continuing with this month’s trend of goal-setting and scheduling in celebration of the Rock 2016 Planner launch, I’m going to… Continue reading »

Ready to ROCK 2015? {Free Planner Download}

The year-long goal planner is back, and it’s here to help you get ready to ROCK 2015. This planner is… Continue reading »

Are You Doing Things the Hard Way?

When you’re doing things the hard way you can easily reach the cap on your abilities. You may think you… Continue reading »

The Power of Keeping Track

You can claim a very real boost of power when you start keeping track of your accomplishments. Yes, writing out… Continue reading »

Ready to ROCK 2014?

It may still be the middle of crazy-hectic-fun December, but it’s absolutely a good idea to start planning for the… Continue reading »

You’re Ready Right Now

Don’t don’t need to wait until you have a beautiful office space, an expensive camera, a new computer. What you… Continue reading »