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quickly build your list with giveaways

How to Quickly Build Your List with Giveaways

Want to quickly boost your e-mail list sign ups with targeted followers? A giveaway can be a fast-acting way to… Continue reading »

Make the daily grind serve your long-term goals

It’s the end of the year. Everybody’s talking about their goals, resolutions and plans for next year. But we all… Continue reading »

Black Friday: Why You Might Not Want to Skip It

Like most small, handmade businesses, you might feel invisible during the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday / and even… Continue reading »

What do to when you’re uncertain of everything

In this new, post-election world, people are feeling a lot of uncertainty. Business owners, in particular, may be wondering how… Continue reading »

Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowded Market

We all know someone who is an amazing singer. The star of the school musicals or the lead soloist from… Continue reading »

Let’s Rock Your Business – New 2017 Weekly Business Planner

“How on earth do you have time for everything?” I get asked this a lot. As someone with multiple handmade… Continue reading »

Launch your Handmade Business to Sales

Starting from Zero: How to Get Sales on Opening Day {Part 3}

Welcome to Part 3 of the Starting from Zero blog series, where I’m explaining exactly how to get sales from… Continue reading »

twisted pixies lookbook

Starting from Zero: How to Get Sales On Opening Day {Part 2}

Welcome to Part 2 of the Starting from Zero blog series, all about launching a new handmade business. (If you… Continue reading »

twisted pixies website

Starting from Zero: How to Get Sales On Opening Day {Part 1}

In this post I’m going to give you a peek behind the scenes of the recent launch of my latest… Continue reading »

How to prioritize in your handmade business

When you only have so much time…

Like the rest of us, you only have so much time. It’s tough, but you gotta prioritize. Those of us… Continue reading »