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quickly build your list with giveaways

How to Quickly Build Your List with Giveaways

Want to quickly boost your e-mail list sign ups with targeted followers? A giveaway can be a fast-acting way to… Continue reading »

Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowded Market

We all know someone who is an amazing singer. The star of the school musicals or the lead soloist from… Continue reading »

Weekly Planner Download

Ready to ROCK Your Business + Life? {Announcing the New Weekly Planner}

I couldn’t wait for the end of the year. I want my business to have a kick-ass holiday season over… Continue reading »

Product Flop or Marketing Fail? Deciding Beyond Your Negative Self-Talk

Running a handmade business can feel like a very personal and even scary thing. When you’re trying to make money… Continue reading »

Let’s get touchy-feely.

Let’s get touchy-feely. Okay, maybe just touchy. (And not in the way you’re thinking.) I’m referring specifically to getting touchy… Continue reading »

How to Get Raving Fans for Your Business

In my last post, I talked about 2 different restaurant experiences I had during a promotional week in my my… Continue reading »

10 Blogging Mistakes

As I’ve mentioned before, blogging for your business is a good idea for several reasons. It gives you the long-form… Continue reading »

Why I Haven’t Purchased New Kitchen Laminate, Or: How to Get Customers to Buy Now

The hubby and I moved into our house almost 5 years ago now, and we still haven’t gotten the new… Continue reading »

Was your first time embarrassing too?

Was your first time embarrassing? I know mine was. And noooo, I’m not talking about that. (Though, admittedly, I am… Continue reading »

15 Ways to Get E-mail Subscribers

If you read my previous blog post on why you should have an e-mail list for your business and decided… Continue reading »