This is for the Quiet Ones

This article is for the quiet ones.

How to sell your products when you don't feel comfortable with loud marketing

The world of commerce is finally lending itself to us, the quiet ones.

We are the introverts, the INFJs, the softly-spoken.

We’d rather listen than speak. We prefer time to write out our thoughts than being put on the spot in a “brainstorming” session.

We are more comfortable as observers and the thought of playing carnival barkers in order to sell our wares is so averting it makes us feel physically ill.

Thank goodness we are no longer playing the game where the person who shouts the loudest gets the prize.

It’s different now.

Now it’s all about finding your people, and making connections.

In the world of online commerce, people can smell fake-authenticity from miles away.

That’s why the quiet ones will win. We are never comfortable faking it, not even to get a sale.

This is great news.

We get to be ourselves. In fact, we get to be even more ourselves than ever, and by doing so we attract the right people.

The right people will not only be drawn to us (and our products), but they are so much easier for us to work with, making the entire experience of running a small, handmade business enjoyable.

It’s a win-win.

So if you’ve been feeling like there’s no way someone with your silent demeanor can make it in the world of business, think again. You have options, and you have the ability to dominate them just as much (and often more) than your extroverted colleagues.

While the talkers might thrive at trade shows or in-person networking events, you might be more suited for diligently marketing with your e-mail newsletter, building a following on Instagram, and surprising your customers with the sort of premium branded packaging that will have them clamoring back for more.

By being yourself and playing to your strengths, your peeps (i.e., your ideal customers) will feel more connected to you and brand. Connected customers are not only more likely to buy your products, but to identify with them and therefore share them with their own social circles.

You get all this, with no shouting required.

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4 thoughts on “This is for the Quiet Ones

  1. I sell at craft shows and flea markets I am not a pushy person for sales< I put out fancy signs with prices and information will deal and dicker with customers on some things but not all. Signage is important to my business. I goes a long way to help the customer that also does not want to ask. Or will see pricing right up front. Many are repeat customers because everything is right up front

  2. Hello Megan, thank you so much for all the info and making easy to comprehend. I have one question does a store front have certain business hours in which it does its business? Or do the orders come in with a bell ringing at your computer. You know what I mean.
    It seems it would be very taxing to be on 24/7, but than what do I know. Would the orders get out in a more uniformed fashion with personal thanks. Social media is not my bag, FB is all I know about, I still use landline for communication. I just purchase a camera to take clean clear pictures of said items and I am learning this and I have enough recourses and then some, but like you mentioned keep a neat trim shoppe.
    So with alll my blah, blah, blah, I ask again do store fronts have business hours you know like 10 AM to 6 PM PST five days a week. I certainly would appreciate a reply. Again thank you for the comprehensive writing.
    I do not have a website and my store front would be of vintage jewelry and what nots. Nothing that is too costly to ship. I am 63, disabled an on low income, I don’t weather this matter, but you said to market oneself. I know this isn’t a marketing number, but my products are very savvy. Happy Thanks Giving. Martha Monson

    1. Martha,

      When you have an online store people can buy from you 24/7, yes, but they won’t expect you to be shipping and responding to messages all hours of the day and night. The beauty of being an online seller is that you can set your own hours. Though I do recommend checking in at least one a day to respond to customer queries, you can choose to ship order only Monday-Friday, or only check e-mail from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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