When you only have so much time…

Like the rest of us, you only have so much time.

It’s tough, but you gotta prioritize.

How to prioritize in your handmade business

Those of us running businesses–especially handmade businesses–have more than our fair share of tasks to juggle on a daily basis.

If you consider your handmade business a business and not a hobby, that means you need to be strategic about where you put the majority of your efforts.

When you want your business to bring in the bacon you need to figure out (1) what’s bringing in the the money now, (2) what will bring in money eventually with enough consistency and dedication and (3) what you aren’t willing to give up even though you know it won’t ever bring in money.

We didn’t get into a handmade business to do what we hate, after all.

Business gurus will tell us to do what brings in the dough, and get rid of everything else, but I take a more diplomatic approach.

For optimal business success and personal satisfaction to be derived from your business you need money and moments of enjoyment.

You can start by making a list of the things you are doing in your business that aren’t bringing in any money, or very little compared to the things that do and then:

  • Eliminate all of the things you hate. Did you think you HAD to be on twitter because you read somewhere that online businesses are “supposed” to maintain an active presence there? If you’re not seeing results there in the form of obvious income, cut it without ANY guilt.
  • Determine what MIGHT make you money if you stick with it longer. Some things take time. Blogging is a good example of this, SEO optimization another. If you aren’t sure if your list item falls into this category or not, wait a bit (such as a month or two), and watch your numbers closely to make sure.
  • Finally, decide what you are going to keep anyway. There are probably some products you love making, or online marketing activities that you’ve grown rather fond of, despite the fact that they don’t bring in the cash. This blog is that for me. (In fact, I spend more in hosting fees than I make back from ebook sales or ad revenue, so BeadingForBusiness COSTS me money.) Even if you can’t let go, knowing that these activities are for pleasure instead of profit will make you think differently about them. Take the time to enjoy them, and de-prioritize them when your other activities are looming and the bills needs to get paid.

Now I want to hear from you!

What business activities are you going to eliminate, prioritize, or keep doing anyway (but consciously) now that you know they are bringing in the funds? Tell me in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “When you only have so much time…

  1. I love that you have taken a different spin on what the usual biz gurus say to do. You that creative rebel sensibility is an ingredient for success, right? I’m focusing on more putting myself out there for more virtual work!

  2. This is a great approach. I’ve received advice before about sticking to one niche only (my animal work). I understand why the ‘experts’ say that and I also know deep in my heart that I will also keep my personal development site running to, as I adore making my videos and blogs for that, even if it means I’m sometimes less focused on my primary business). It’s lovely to hear that knowing reflected in your post Megan. Thank you.
    For me, joy is the key. If I love it, I’ll do it 🙂

  3. I have an active Facebook page for my beaded jewelry business. It works to keep me in touch with potential customers and new colleagues. I can also post projects in progress. Thank you for your informative article.

  4. Hey Beader,

    Great post. There is only so much time in a day. And, really, you shouldn’t spend time on things that you hate, especially if it doesn’t make you money. I really like that you encourage others to do things they are passionate about even if it costs money. You never know, down the road, it could end up making money. I had a similar experience with my business and hope you have one with yours too.


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